FENCES – Elite Auction Program

Monday august 27th


4pm : All horses are visible in the “Haras des Grands Champs”

6pm : Public presentation of jumpers, follow-up a wine of honor

Book your diner form august

Tuesday August 28th

30th Fences Elite Auction

Wednesday August 29th

30th Fences Elite Auction

Thursday August 30th

30th Fences Elite Auction

Friday August 31th

30th Fences Elite Auction

Saturday September 1st

30th Fences Elite Auction

7:30 pm : Auction’s diner (with booking)

8pm : Auction without reserve of young sport and breeding horses

Go to the event:

Espace Marcel Rozier

15 rue des Grands Champs


Espace Rozier

Ventes Fences

Sunday September 2nd


Fences Service Auction

7pm : Auction without reserve


Saturday September 1st from 10am

Fences Agency

30 years of requirement in the service of the performance

La cour bonnet

14700 Falaise

+33 2 31 90 93 24 – contact@fences.fr